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Sis and Lola


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My name is Sis Donnelly, I started Blue Door Properties 2 years ago. We are a local real estate investing company, focused primarily on the Siouxland Metro area.  

My “why” for this company can be seen in every aspect of the business.  My team and I believe in treating people and homes with the respect and dignity they deserve.  This means offering fair prices for homes and helping people find solutions for their problem houses, even if that solution DOESN’T benefit the company. This also means that we pay special attention to making sure the homes we sell are safe and affordable.  


All of our homes are sold with a full home warranty and are put through a rigorous inspection process.  Call or email today and you'll be in contact with me.  You won't get an automated robo answer or menu options.  You'll get me and I'll be happy to set an appointment to discuss your needs. 


Below are some of the situations many people in the Sioux City metro area are often finding themselves in. I want to get you out of any "mess" with your house, as quickly as possible.


  • A loved one has passed away leaving the family with a house that is possibly outdated, in disrepair or is full of personal items.  The family may feel overwhelmed when faced with the task of cleaning out and readying the home for sale.  The family may not have the financial means or the time to take on the task.  Blue Door can help by making an offer to buy the property as-is, taking over clean out and repairs. 

  • Someone in the family may have fallen into a difficult financial situation due to layoff, medical bills, etc. and is no longer able to make mortgage payments leaving the family faced with foreclosure. Blue Door can make a cash offer to purchase your property and stop the foreclosure from ruining your credit.

  • Paying taxes and maintaining a vacant property year after year can feel draining both financially and emotionally.  Blue Door can make a fast, fair offer for your property. 

Blue Door Properties will work with you to find a solution and help stop the financial drain.  No Pressure, No judgement.  Get in touch with us today to get a fast, confidential offer on your property.


Blue Door House Flip

When you contact Blue Door Properties, you get me personally.  Blue Door is a private real estate investor in the Sioux City metro area willing to listen to your needs and get you the help you need!

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