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Selling your home fast doesn’t seem like an easy task. If you are faced with the passing of a family member, bankruptcy, bad location, mortgage delinquency, transferring jobs, a damaged home, a rental property, separation, deployment, financial troubles, facing foreclosure, living in another state, loss of a job, needs renovation, or you’re just looking for a cash out buy Blue Door Properties has you covered. Sis will walk you through the process as a professional who understands the complexities of the current market. 

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Losing a loved one is never easy and deciding what to do with a loved one's home can be difficult decision. If you are in the process of probate please call Blue Door.  Sis will make sure the process is as painless and easy as possible.


Please call (712) 898-7211 or email

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Divorce can be an emotional and financially taxing process and deciding what to do with your marital home can be complex and difficult. There are pros and cons to selling, and there are pros and cons to dividing property via court proceedings. If you have chosen to sell your home, Sis can walk you through the sale in a stress-free & civil manner.  


Repairs, updates and general maintenance can get very expensive and are an unfortunate hurdle for many homeowners.  Sometimes time itself can weigh heavily on a home's condition.  Many homeowners feel overwhelmed by the amount of clean up and repair needed to get a house ready to be listed or simply don't have the resources or ability to get it ready.  Sis can help relieve that burden by purchasing your house in AS-IS condition.  No repairs, no clean up, no showings, no listing pictures and no realtor fees.  Call today to set an appointment with Sis.

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Landlords can get overwhelmed and just plain burned out on taking care of rental properties, managing tenants, fixing damage, cleaning up and worrying about missed rent payments.  Blue Door Properties understands the subtle nuances that come with buying and selling rental properties.  No need to disturb tenants for multiple showings, worry about property condition, repair needs or clean up.  Blue Door Properties can give you an offer with just one walk through, within 24 hours.  Call Sis today to set an appointment.


Unexpectedly moving, and need to sell your house quickly? Moving can be expensive, and you might be looking to save money wherever possible. Blue Door is able to offer a fast and fair offer to you within days!  

If you wanted to leave many of your items behind so you didn't have to move them, we offer to buy homes as-is.  If there is a repair you didn't have time or money to take care of before selling, you can often forget about finishing it when working with Blue Door. 

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There are many reasons financially one may need to get out of their home. Personal reasons may arise life changes in many ways that have little to do with money or the size of one's family. When owning a house is the only thing keeping a homeowner tied to a specific area, it might be time to consider cutting ties to the home. A new job in another town or state. Obviously, work-related relocation makes it necessary to pull up roots, and it doesn't have to be a full-fledged move to another town or state.

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If foreclosure is fast approaching, you still have options! A traditional sale, short sale, or a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure are all reasonable alternatives to foreclosure. If you find yourself or loved ones facing foreclosure call Sis today for fast help! 

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