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Quick Sale, or Expensive Repair?

Realizing you need to sell your home is the simple part. However, deciding whether to sell it as-is or make repairs before selling is the tough decision all sellers are faced with.

Need to Sell Fast?

The modern American homeowner may face this daunting decision from many different angles. As homeowners, our circumstances often change. It may be the addition of a new member of the family to the household, becoming an empty nester when children leave for college, a death in the family, losing a job, or needing to move for a new career opportunity that forces our current home to become insufficient to our needs.

Selling Decisions

When selling their home, homeowners have to ask themselves two main questions: do you want to sell the house yourself or use a realtor to sell it, and do you want to sell the house as is or make repairs to improve its selling price.

To Repair or Not to Repair

The decision whether or not to do a quick repair when selling your home comes with two essential points to consider: your timeline and your budget.

Know Your Budget

The budget is often the most critical factor in this consideration. Not only how much will the repairs cost you, but how much will the repairs yield in the sale of your home. In some cases, a fresh coat of paint might affect the room enough to yield a larger selling price; while in other cases, such as homes needing bathroom renovations, foundation repairs, roof replacement, plumbing issues, or fixes to faulty electrical systems, selling as-is can yield more money than the renovation.

Know Your Timeline

The timeline is a vital aspect to think about as well. Making repairs to your home will give you more time between now and your selling date, possibly causing more headaches rather than selling your home as-is for cash, especially if your repairs don't yield their expected returns. Please make sure you are sure the repairs you are thinking about fixing will increase the value of your home, as some homeowners have made repairs and did not see the price increase they expected.

Don't Assume

Typically, people think that selling as-is means selling for less. This is often true when utilizing a realtor. When you consider the closing costs, necessary inspections, and mandated or negotiated renovation costs, homeowners will lose out on money overall when using an agent.

Blue Door Solution

Blue Door Properties negates many fees by buying houses as-is, with cash. Since Blue Door Properties buys "as-is," the seller does not need to make otherwise costly, time-wasting repairs—or spend money unnecessarily on realtor closing costs.

Things to Consider Before Selling

The decision of whether or not to do a quick repair when selling your home is typically dependent upon whether or not you are utilizing a realtor. Homeowners leverage realtors to get the highest selling price for their homes, so making a quick repair is usually a no-brainer. If you sell your home in its current condition for cash, you save on the cost and headache of the repairs, as well as the realtor closing costs.

If you need to sell your home fast, there is no quicker way than selling as-is. Use the information above to evaluate the pros and cons of selling as-is to buyers like Blue Door Properties and using an agent to sell your home on the market. Consider your timeline and how quickly you need the sale to be completed. Blue Door can often close in less than 14 days! If you need to sell your home quickly and still want a fair offer for it, call Sis today!

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