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Costs Associated with Selling Your Home & How to Avoid Them

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Homeowners often scoff at all the fees and costs that they get stuck with selling their homes. However, it's essential to understand these costs and do anything to avoid them.

Each situation is different, so you'll want to know what is negotiable and what's not. As a private real estate investor, Blue Door Properties understands the cost of moving into your next home and wants to help anywhere we can in keeping more money in your pocket by avoiding costs.

When negotiating with the buyer, you can often pass the buck on certain fees as part of the deal.

Costs You Can Expect To Pay When Selling Your Home


When listing your home on the market, you want it to look as presentable as possible, so the home buyer can envision themselves living in your home.

Staging and prepping your home for professional real estate pictures and showings/open houses is a cost you can expect to pay at closing.

Staging a home requires the home to be cleaned. An agent often brings in different furniture or home decor to showcase in-home photography.

It can be expensive to stage your home. However, the benefit of doing it is the house sells much faster.

The average cost for most home stagers is $300 to $600 for an initial consultation and $500 to $600 per month per staged room of the house.

Real Estate Agent

The real estate agent you use will charge you for the services they offer throughout the entire process of the home sale.

The real estate commission fee charged to the seller often makes homeowners want to sell the home independently.

It's the most significant fee associated with selling your home. The typical real estate agent will charge around a 5-6% commission fee.

It is a lot of money, but many times it's a good option, as they are likely to get you a much higher selling price for your house than what you would have been able to get selling on your own.


The home buyer will want a home inspection complete to uncover any defects or critical issues with the house.

The average cost of a home inspection in Iowa is $340. The home inspection cost will vary depending on the age of the home and the square footage.

The home buyer will not want to go cheap on an inspection, as findings are a part of the negotiation process. They will often request that any critical issues with the house be repaired before closing.


If things pop up on the home inspection that need to be repaired before the home buyer agrees, the seller can be on the hook.

Repairs could include minor fixes like patching holes in the wall and more extensive and costly fixes like replacing broken windows or HVAC system repairs. These repairs could cost hundreds to thousands of dollars sometimes.

Buyers could even request that an old, damaged, or old roof is replaced.

Sellers aren't automatically on the hook for all repairs the buyer requests. The seller doesn't have to agree to all the buyer's demands.

Closing Costs

Most times, the buyer pays for the majority of the closing costs. This includes your real estate agent commission.

The closing costs for the seller include any fees, charges, or services associated with selling your house. The seller often pays for the buyer's agent fee along with their own agent's fee (included in the 5-6% average)

On average, as a seller, expect to pay 6-10% of the purchase price of your home in closing costs.

How to Save Money Selling Your Home

Blue Door Properties offers home sellers an outlet to sell their homes fast while saving money doing it in challenging situations.

Many people are finding themselves in situations like:

  • Foreclosure or Pre-Foreclosure

  • Probate or Death in Family

  • Divorce

  • Distressed Home

  • Tired Landlord

  • Financial Drain

Sis Newton, at Blue Door, wants to personally assist homeowners in the Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota tri-state area. Her goal is to find a solution for you and put a messy property situation in the past.

Your needs are listened to and considered when selling your home to Blue Door.

To save money on closing costs, Sis will often offer to buy home as-is or in their current condition. This allows the seller to save money on staging or prep costs to put the home on the market through an agent.

When giving a fair cash offer for the home buying as-is, the seller avoids paying for any repairs. This could save thousands of dollars, depending on the home's condition!

To break down the amount of savings a seller received on the sale of a $65,000 home in Iowa, visit Blue Door Properties website.

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