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The Top 10 Home Repairs to Give You the Biggest Return on Investment

Homeowners often wonder which home repairs will give them the most significant return on investment before selling their house and moving on to another property. However, figuring out the most profitable home repairs to make can be tricky, especially if you don't know how to calculate your return on investment. Luckily, we've got you covered with this list of top 10 home repairs that offer the biggest return on investment before selling your home in the current market. Read on to find out which home repairs will give you the best ROI and help you get more money when it comes time to sell your house!

Types of Repairs to Increase Value of Home Before Selling

It's ideal to sell your home fast, but also for top dollar. You can often make quick or necessary home repairs to help make your house more appealing to the buyer. You'll only want to make repairs that will give you a return on your money or the ones you are obligated to fix before selling.

Foundation Repairs

If you live in an older home, foundation issues may have arisen before. One of the most common and costly types of foundation repair comes from shifting soil around a home's footing, leading to cracks in interior walls and floors. This is especially important if you plan on selling your home; a home inspection should catch any issues with your foundation or other structural components before they turn into an expensive problem.

Electrical Repairs

Keeping your electrical system up-to-date with inspection and repairs is one of the best ways to ensure that it functions smoothly and safely, especially if you are selling your home. Ensure that a licensed electrician has inspected your electrical systems before putting your house up for sale. In addition, ask your inspector whether there are any updates you should make before listing, such as replacing old fuses or installing new outlets.

Roofing Repairs

Repairs are one of your options when dealing with roof damage caused by hail storms or other weather conditions. A roofing contractor can replace damaged shingles and flashings. They'll use a single layer, asphalt shingle, for replacement if more than half of a layer has been damaged; otherwise, they will apply a new double-layer roofing material such as an architectural shingle. Insurance may cover these repairs so check with your agent before hiring anyone.

Insulation and Ventilation Repairs

Insulation and ventilation are often ignored but should not be. These are two key elements of your home's HVAC system, and they must work properly if you want to avoid wasting energy and money. For example, installing insulation in your attic (or better yet, replacing your attic insulation) can help keep your heating and cooling costs down over time; installation or replacement of ventilators in your roof can lead to increased ventilation for improved indoor air quality.

Gutter Repairs

When it comes to home repairs, gutter repair is often overlooked. The gutters of your home are one of its most essential parts. However, they provide a crucial drainage system that keeps water away from your foundation and protects your home against extreme weather conditions. If your gutters are clogged or missing, it's time for gutter repair before any other home repairs.

Structure Repairs

Structural repairs are sometimes necessary before listing your home for sale. If you live in an older home, there may be foundational issues that need to be addressed. A structural engineer can look at your foundation and provide a repair estimate.

Staircases and Floors

The staircase and floors are a big part of any home, so you'll want them to look their best. Consider some or all of these flooring options: wood floors, tile floors, and carpet. No matter what kind of surface you choose, be sure it's a quality material that will stand up to daily wear and tear.

Bathroom Renovations

It's no secret that most bathroom renovations are done to improve resale value. But in addition to giving you a significant return on investment, an updated bathroom will also make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient. Today, double-sinks have become one of the most popular additions for bathrooms, with beautiful countertops, porcelain sinks, and seamless cabinetry options. In addition, bathroom vanities are available in a wide range of styles and colors so that you can coordinate perfectly with your space.

Kitchen Renovations

If you're lucky enough to have a kitchen with an island, you'll find it easier to do prep work and other essential household tasks. A dishwasher will also save time—and your sanity. Plus, while flooring doesn't necessarily come cheap, it is one of those renovations that will undoubtedly increase your home's value compared to kitchens that don't have hardwood floors.


Painting the interior and exterior of the home is a cost-effective way to update your home before selling. Home inspections will often call out chipping or peeling paint as something that needs to be addressed.

Avoid unnecessary updates and repairs, sell as-is!

Blue Door Properties doesn’t need any of these items to be completed before you sell. If the idea of fixing, updating, or painting is too costly or overwhelming, I’m happy to buy as-is for cash with no repairs or updates needed!

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